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About Us

We are Pop. Lovers of all things left-of-centre. All things unique, quirky and a little bit different. Because in our eyes, different is pretty much always cool. And cool things make us happy. Which is why we’re searching the world over with a fine-tooth comb for the latest and greatest. And we want to take you along for the ride.

Our uber-talented team is always on the hunt for the most awesome stuff on the planet. Whether that’s the best in design, tech, fashion or homewares, Pop is where it’s at. Always. With hundreds of designs dropping down every single day, we’re the number one destination for all the underdogs, dreamers and cool cats out there. Meow.

What’s more, our highly-curated and design-driven collections boast up to 70% off in savings. This guarantees that you not only get your hands on the fun, inspirational or just plain beautiful, but do so while saving a pretty penny or two (or five). Our sales run for 7 days and once the stock’s gone, it’s gone. So get it while it’s hot!

You may have to wait a little longer for your funky finds to arrive compared to what you’re used to. But with the top-notch treasures and colossal discounts, it’s oh-so-worth the wait. We promise. And if you need something sooner, we also offer next business day dispatch on many of our sales.

We are Pop. We’re proud to be different. And we’re always on the quest for the hottest new thing.

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