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XY3 Find It

Keep Track of Valuables with a Bluetooth Finder

XY3 Find It is a bluetooth finder.

Don't be left in the cold. Attach the XY3 tags to anything you don't want to lose - keys, your bike, school backpacks, luggage, your pet pug Otis, that one-eyed teddy your toddler cannot function without - and the small Bluetooth device will work with the iOS and Android app to help you locate it. The XY3 app can tell you an item's last known location so you can start looking in the right place, and it'll even notify you if one of the synced items moves too far from your phone. These little finders consistently deliver a working range of up to 150ft (unless obstructed by thick metal or concrete walls) and operate for around six months before needing a battery change.

You'd be lost without XY3 Find It.

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