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Flash-Freeze Your Bevvys in 1 Minute!

Imagine pouring a hot cup of coffee and, one minute later, it's an iced coffee. 

Or grabbing a bottle of wine off the rack, only to have it transformed into a refreshingly cool bevvy moments later. 

All with no ice and no dilution. 

We present to you the HyperChiller. An innovative, flash-freezing method of cooling beverages, using the HyperChiller is the equivalent of dropping 30 large ice cubes into your drink. Only without the extra water. Leave the HyperChiller in your freezer and pull it out when you want to instantly cool down a bevvy. Enjoy full flavoured wine, strong coffees just as you like them, and the convenience of not giving ice cubes a second thought. This is a game changer if we ever saw one!

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