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Prize Candle (USA)

Soy Candles With a Ring Valued up to $5k Inside!

Exclusive to this website and unavailable anywhere else in Australia is this incredible collection of Soy Prize Candles - candles with a difference. Each all natural premium soy candle contains a hidden ring - a ring valued from ten to five thousand dollars! Prize Candles are unsurpassed in quality providing a beautiful texture and clean burn. Their 9 oz candles are all natural pure premium soy wax produced in the USA and their soy is domestically grown - in addition their vegetable dipped wicks are 100 percent cotton. Indulge your senses with this collection of intoxicating fragrances and maybe you will be the next to discover a LUXE Ring.

Give the gift of a chance to reveal a $5k ring this Christmas with a Prize Candle!