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The Ultimate Bath

No Kidding Around Here, Baths are Serious

There's baths, and then there are baths

We're encouraging the latter here at POP. The kind of baths where you close the door and are in your own little universe. Nobody can touch you. No, it's just you and your magical bath items, soothing music, and potentially a large bottle of wine. 

Whether it's a bath caddy, bath salts, crystal soap, bath bombs, or just general accessories that go in and around the Glorious Bathtub, this sale has got all you need to take The Ultimate Bath. We're deep in the heart of winter here, and it's cold out there. Get yourself in a damn bathtub and melt... melt... melt awayyyyyy!!!

Our expert buyers have scoured the globe to bring you these stylish looks. To ensure we get your items to you as quickly as possible, you might receive your order in multiple shipments, which could each incur a shipping fee.